Dodgers vs Astros Live

Dodgers vs Astros Live.This is one Fall Classic that has a great chance to live up to its name. The Houston Astros will play the Los Angeles Dodgers — the first showdown of 100-win teams since the Baltimore Orioles and Cincinnati Reds met in 1970. The Astros were born in 1962 and have never won a World Series, so as recovery efforts in Houston continue after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, you know what this would mean to the city.

“We came home, we wanted to do it in front of the fans,” said Astros star second-baseman Jose Altuve after his team erased a 3-2 deficit to advance to the World Series. “They support us and this is why we are here.”

The Dodgers have a storied history but are finally in the World Series again after 29 years. We have two exciting teams with superstar power. Here’s a quick preview:

Dodgers vs Astros Live

They won’t be facing each other, as Kershaw is lined up to start Game 1, while Verlander will probably start Game 2, but it will be wonderful drama to see these two aces in the World Series. They are arguably the two greatest pitchers of this generation — since Verlander’s rookie season in 2006, Kershaw ranks first in WAR among pitchers and Verlander ranks second — but neither has a ring. Verlander has pitched in two World Series and has gone 0-3 in three starts with a 7.20 ERA, while Kershaw is obviously in his first World Series.

“When you’re a kid, you just hope you make it to the big leagues,” Kershaw said after the Dodgers clinched the National League Championship Series. “So to get to say you’re going to go play in the World Series, it’s an incredibly special moment. … You know, we have four more wins to go, obviously. But we’ve heard 1988 so long in L.A., it feels good to say that we’re getting to the World Series in 2017, and with four more wins, hopefully get to get one home.”

Verlander is coming off two spectacular American League Championship Series starts, holding the Yankees to one run over 16 innings and recording 21 strikeouts. Kershaw isn’t necessarily at the top of his game or in peak physical health after missing time with a back injury over the summer, but you also get the feeling that it’s such a relief for him to get here that he’ll pitch without the same burden and pressure as earlier rounds. He also hasn’t had to pitch on short rest like in previous postseasons, and in his three starts, he threw 100, 87 and 89 pitches. Look for both to show why they’ve dominated the game over the past decade.